Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sometimes Life is Like Survivor

Our family enjoys the reality TV show Survivor. My adolescent son is especially fond of the competitions the contestants tackle. A couple of years ago our family faced our own series of challenges. We had moved to Charlotte the year before, finally sold our house in Colorado at a substantial deficit, my husband lost his new job, and then I had a miscarriage. It had been quite a year for our family. During that time the Lord put a picture in my mind reminiscent of a set right out of Survivor.

In this vision, I saw our family standing on a collection of platforms in the sea. This patchwork of platforms, like tall wooden blocks, rose several stories above the ocean. The top of each block was square, each a different size and color, lettered roughly with various words representing areas of our life. One said “career”, another, “house”. One said “new baby”… and there were other words like “pride”, “friends”, “income”, and “busyness”. One by one, these parts of the platform started to fall out from under us.

We had a choice. We could cling to those things we held dear, but then we would be flung into the sea as they fell away. Instead, we began to move in, closer to the center. Each piece tumbled away until we could only stand on the one immovable, unshakable, only steady platform which is the Lord Jesus Christ. Our losses were things we couldn’t hold onto. But the blessing in the loss was that we drew closer to each other and closer to God. Jesus truly became our Rock.

Busyness often threatens to take over my life. With so many options, activities, and opportunities, life can be very full. Without thinking, it is easy to lose focus and allow any of these things, even good things, to take over lordship in my life. Daily I have to choose to allow Jesus to be Lord, to trust Him no matter what. I desire to live my life on the Rock of Christ: hearing His words and doing them. (Luke 6:47-48)

No, we aren't through our challenges yet. (This is life on earth --- we will always have challenges!) But we do continue to cling to Christ, doing our best to rejoice in each day He gives us. How about you? What challenges or opportunities threaten to take over as lord in your life? Do losses in your life bring you closer to Christ?

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Please Lift Up Ellie

Ellie Potvin

I first learned about Ellie Potvin as we were making final preparations for VBS in July of 2008. Her mother Amy had just found a lump in Ellie's abdomen which was quickly diagnosed as cancer. Ellie's twin sister Grace came to VBS; Ellie went to the hospital to start treatment. They were only 6 years old.

As Ellie and her family endured a year of treatments, I was blessed to take meals to them a number of times. Our kids enjoyed meeting Ellie & Grace, and all their puppies. Tim and Amy Potvin are the sweetest, most friendly couple... gracious and open and loving and full of fun. It is heartbreaking that they all have had this terrible disease invading their lives. Amy has been pouring her heart out on Ellie's Caring Bridge web site. As I have read many of her posts, tears have streamed down my face. It is unimagineable the challenges their family has had to bear.

Less than six weeks ago, the Potvins learned that Ellie's cancer is back. Now they have news that new tumors are forming on Ellie's lungs and that the tumor in her abdomen has doubled in size... all in just 5 weeks. Please join me in praying for Ellie, her twin sister Grace, and her parents, Amy and Tim. Below is an excerpt from Amy's latest blog post.

But for now this is what Team Potvin needs from all my loving prayer warriors. I need you to spread the word about our Ellie and her fight. Please send these two sites to others...

Our Ellie needs the power of prayer. Plus, we need specific prayer for Ellie's needs over the next couple months. Our family needs the strength to endure this suffering and stand firm in hope and faith that the fight is not over.

Plus, let us allow our story serve a greater purpose for remind all to cherish their family each and everyday - If you are too busy then slow down!

Life is not a promise, but a gift from God. No matter what your goals are in life... the only one important and everlasting is filling your spirit with love and helping others around you.

I have witnessed this year, this life is a temporary place, it does not last forever... but eternity is waiting for each of us through our belief in God and Jesus Christ. That is my belief and what keeps me strong in a time that logically I should have nothing left to give... but I do. That is God working, not me.


We are thankful for your donations to the Ellie Shoal Potvin Supplemental Trust Fund. Every child deserves the best chance... and a cancer family should never have to worry about finances... we will pay it back through our Non - Profit "Lift up Foundation" we have created over the last year .... we look forward to the time we can help other families fighting pediatric cancer.

Checks can also be mailed to :

ESP Supplemental Trust Fund
9218 Ginhouse Lane
Charlotte, NC 28277

Blessings to all you love.... every single one of them.

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