Sunday, December 5, 2010

Beautiful Tables

So yesterday, I shared about my table at our church's annual Christmas Tea. Today I am going to show off some of the other gorgeous tables I really enjoyed.

This is my friend Jenny's adorable table! It was just over-the-top in cuteness!!! She and her mom decorated it together. They did a great job!! When I arrived around noon on Friday to set up my table, Jenny just happened to be there, too. You can see in the background that many tables were not yet decorated.

Doesn't this table just scream fun? Jacob loved Miss Jenny's table! All those treats sure were tempting!!

This table is stylish and classy, just like my friend Melanie! {I'm pretty sure this is one of the two tables she decorated.} I love the mix of modern and traditional elements.

I couldn't resist zooming in on these fabulous details! I love the birds... and all the beautiful ornaments. Somehow, I managed not to get any pictures of Melanie's other gorgeous table. But this one makes me happy.

I love how this table puts the focus on the reason for the Season. Such a beautiful Nativity!

This table was decorated with apples, and the banner around the tree in the centerpiece says, "The Apple of His Eye". Those cups and saucers are one of my favorite china patterns, too!

I have used my pink and green "Desert Rose" dishes to decorate a tea table for four years. I am always drawn to any other table using pink to decorate for Christmas. Here is one that is very sweet. I later learned that my good friend Missy decorated this table! Her sister made the gorgeous centerpiece.

And I like this pink table, too. Abbie called this the "lemonade table" because the water glasses look like they are drinking pink lemonade!

I love all the traditional Christmas-y tables a lot. This one is quite elegant.

I like this one, too! Makes me want to make my own forest of trees... I later found out that it was decorated by the mother of my friend Jeanette! I just love all the gold and red, and of course, the trees.

This table is very traditional, and very pretty. Look at the little gifts waiting for each guest. Next year, I need to zoom in on all the favors at each table.

It is amazing how many different centerpieces adorn the tables. When I decorated my first table in 2007, I had no idea what to do about a centerpiece. Well, there is no shortage of ideas in this room!

I had to take a picture of this table because I just love cardinals!!! I lived my whole life without ever seeing one, except in pictures. Then we moved to North Carolina and they are everywhere. I just love them! This table is wonderfully done, too.

This table is just, wow! I love seeing the unexpected. I am still tickled by the individual bottles of sparkling cider. It is all the little touches that each woman brings to her table that makes this event so fun! The background of this photo shows the sea of tables... this is such an amazing event!

Jacob, who was helping me decorate my table, was very excited to tell me that we even had an "I Spy" table! Of course, I had no idea what in the world he was talking about. Then he showed me this amazing centerpiece. I just have to talk more about it in another post! {Update: after I went to Bible study on the Thursday following the tea, I learned that one of my sweet ladies, Mary, decorated this table and made this family heirloom!!! It was so fun to learn that fact!}

I thought this table was particularly dramatic. The table linens looked like silk, and the colors were smoky shades of purple and lavendar. My photography does not do it justice!

It is always fun to see different interpretations of Christmas decor. I love what Sandy did here! Again, so unexpected. I wish I could have a photo of every table. I did not even get to see all of the 80 tables decorated. But that just makes me look forward to next year's event all the more!


Melanie said...

Beautiful post of so many gorgeous tables! I didn't get to see them all either, but I took over 100 photos! Now I just have to sort through them all to get them blogged! I agree with you, I love all of the ideas & creativity & different decorations. Every single table was lovely! Thanks for your sweet comments on my table, too!

Richella at Imparting Grace said...

Wow, Terri--what a huge event! It must really be something to see 80 tables all decorated!

Your table is just lovely--sweet and simple but also sophisticated. Good for you! And how cool that you got to take your daughter!

Have a blessed Advent!

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