Friday, July 17, 2009

Awesome Week!!!

We just finished up our awesome week at Vacation Bible School! Jacob is my 6 year old. He was in the Angel Fish group. It was a fun week for him. He liked all the music best.

Abbie is 10 and going into 5th grade. She was in the Hammerhead Shark group. Next year she will be too old to participate in VBS. She is already looking forward to helping out as a volunteer, though!

VBS is a family affair! Zachary is 12 1/2 and served outside all day on the Recreation Team! He really, really, really wants to be a Small Group Assistant... but he isn't old enough yet. I do get many compliments about him from adults who work with him, though. He is very responsible and a great worker. I am very proud of him!

My husband Gil was one of our Bible leaders this year! He served in one room where kindergarten and 1st graders rotated through for their daily lesson. I received soooo many compliments about him from the adults who were leading those groups of kids. He did a fabulous job!!! What was most remarkable to me was that after VBS, he went to work each day until 9pm! Each night I would ask him if he was tired, if it had been a long day... Nope! He had a great time and was energized by his time with the kids.

I served on the Leadership Team. This means that my job started back in January. I was the Volunteer Coordinator. Our church is large, so we were planning for 500 kids to participate! That meant we needed around 250 volunteers!! They all started registering online in March. My job was to make sure each team had all the people they needed. The last few weeks before VBS was especially busy with reports, emails, more emails, mailings, and many last-minute changes. What I love most about being the volunteer coordinator is watching God fill in the spots with just the right people!

Last year we gave all the kids a souvenir photo to take home. I designed the 4x6 card in StoryBook Creator, and dropped in all the group pictures. This year we expanded and gave all the volunteers a photo of their team, too. All the photos in this post are this year's keepsakes.

VBS was great! The last two week have been very long with little sleep, but very rewarding! I pray that my children, all the children who attended, and each volunteer has grown closer to the Lord through their participation in this wonderful week!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lazy days of summer?

I have been noticably absent from my own blog. This summer has just been so busy. A few weeks ago I was busy getting things completed and organized to go on vacation... then we had our wonderful vacation... and the last week, now two, has been jam-packed. I'll list a few things on my plate right now, that I would love to go into more detail about, but for now I will just hit the highlights:

  1. This is my third summer as volunteer coordinator for vacation Bible school... since we will have 500 kids, we need around 250 volunteers! VBS starts Sunday, so I have been putting in quite a few hours (each day) getting ready. I am looking forward to it being another awesome week!

  2. I have been working on a new custom album project! I am in the middle of making a baby book for a new client. I love these projects, and feel so blessed and honored to do them. When I went to meet with the mom, it turned out that her little girl (the subject of the baby book) is in the Sunday school class my husband & I teach twice a month!

  3. I finished a wedding album for my brother! It is a 35-page hardcover StoryBook that I think turned out pretty well. Their 3rd anniversary will be in September. They haven't done anything with their pictures, so I offered to make them a book. After I finished, I shared the link with my mom, and she liked it so much that she ordered a copy for herself!

  4. My little girl turned 10 last week! And tomorrow night we are hosting her first-ever sleepover for 6 of her closest friends! I should be baking cupcakes right now....

  5. I am doing a side job editing a website for an attorney friend of ours. I have a few more pages to get through, but somehow have not found the time this week to finish it up. Then I am supposed to help them with some office brochures, and standardized letters for their staff to send out.

  6. I am having at least one workshop a week in my home for my album-making friends this summer. This week I had two! I am so proud of Bonnie... she just finished her first scrapbook of her son's kindergarten year!!! Her son is going to be a senior in high school next year and she wants all his albums done by then. I am dedicated to helping her accomplish that, so she is coming as often as she can this summer.

  7. My most important priority, however, is caring for my family... loving my husband, enjoying my children, keeping the house running, the clothes washed, and meals cooked, and the budget balanced. It's really the only job I've ever wanted.
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