Friday, October 21, 2011

Amazing Raffle Baskets

Tomorrow is the Fall Festival at Jacob's school. I signed up to be his class raffle basket coordinator for the second year in a row. My job was to put together a "Picture Perfect" themed basket for the big raffle.   Since my items wouldn't exactly fit into a basket, here is what I came up with....
Pegboard put together with ribbons, and with ribbons ready to hold the items! the great thing about it was that it would collapse for transporting.

And here is my "basket" all set up and ready to be wrapped in cellophane. It included a lot of fun items including an Everyday Display Board, Calendar Display Accents, Monkey Business Display Accents, and  a Simply Said Dad book. I also included a Quick Album (pages are already done!). I had a little bit more budget to use, so I had put a question out on Facebook to get some opinions. Because of the unanimous sentiments, I included the Daisy 12x12 File Mate to hold artwork, memorabilia, photos, or papers.
My great helpers!
I needed Zac to help me carry the pegboard into the school, so I brought all the kids with me when I set up my basket. I knew they would LOVE seeing all the cool baskets on display! Parents from each class make donations toward their class basket, so some of the baskets are really extravagant! Parents can buy tickets and put them in the box next to the basket(s) they want to win. It is a fun fundraiser.
My "basket" on display with the others!
Here are some of the amazing baskets on display...
Housecleaning basket

Tailgating basket

Baseball basket complete with Yankees tickets

Abbie's favorite basket... it had a sleepover theme

Thanksgiving extravaganza basket

Love this "Lego my Legos" basket!

"Have a Ball" basket

Pet themed basket... the stuffed puppy is a fun touch

I think Zac liked this one

Date Night basket... some nice restaurant gift cards in there!

I have a feeling that this one is going to be very popular

Lots of games for game nights

This one is for the guys

Another fun one

This one made me laugh


Notice how I had to add a pennant bunting to my basket? I love making these!!! I thought it would up the cuteness factor!
We won't be bringing any of these baskets home with us... I did resist the temptation to buy any raffle tickets! Not taking my wallet to the setup helped.


Beverly said...

Very cute basket idea, Terri! Love it! We just had E's fall festival tonight. I'm hoping that we either won the Disney basket (4 one-day passes) or the Gift Card basket. A TON of gift cards to you name it!

Melanie said...

What a NEAT idea & a great fundraiser for the school! Those gift baskets look amazing! And I LOVE all of the creativity you put into your "basket"! It really is picture perfect & the sweet banner is the perfect touch!

susankle said...

Hi I just came upon this blog post love the auction ideas! I was wondering if you know where the white ticket boxes came from. They would be perfect for our auction. Thanks for any info!

Anonymous said...

hello, I love your Lego basket! how much would you charge to make another? my nephew who is 5 loves legos and i just want to make his christmas this year since i could never be around please contact me at thank you


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I think your idea to have a gift basket raffle is such a good idea. I would be attracted to a Disney gift basket because my daughter loves Disneyland. It seems like you would want a huge variety of gift baskets to appeal to a wide group of people at an auction.

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