Monday, October 3, 2011

What a great Sunday!

We had such a GREAT weekend! It was busy and full, and so very FUN! Sunday was the best of all!!

We did have to get up and get out of the house bright and early. We had a special worship service at church. Both Abbie & Jacob were scheduled to sing, so they had to be there an hour early for rehearsal. I never mind that part... I get to enjoy all the wonderful music at least twice! Plus, I can get up close and get some good pictures during rehearsal!

Jacob sang with the Joyful Praise Children's Choir. {I was a bit of a stage mom and asked for him to be moved... at first he was totally hidden behind all the taller kids!}

We had a special Student Ministry choir made up of middle and high school students. Abbie was part of that. The worship service had a special emphasis on "The Next Generation". I am so thankful for our wonderful church and the opportunities our entire family has to grow in our knowledge of and service to the Lord.

This day was extra special because right after the morning service, we all went outside for the groundbreaking ceremony for our new Calvary Life Center! It was a wonderful celebration of the faithfulness and grace of our Lord. I can't wait for this new building to be completed! As someone who serves with the children and youth, I know how needed it is.

Our wonderful morning was capped off by our church's annual Family Day picnic! It was a beautiful, brisk fall day. The weather was just about perfect. I was asked to be judge for the dessert contest. I am always ready to serve where needed! Abbie immediately took off with her friends. The only time I saw her was when she asked if she could sit with her friend's family during the dinner! All my boys enjoyed the rock wall, games, and football. It was fun to see Gil in his element, surrounded by his team of players! I had a great time catching up with all my friends. It was a great way to end a wonderful weekend!

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Melanie said...

Yes, it was totally an awesome day! Powerful worship, wonderful excitement at the groundbreaking, then lots of fun at Family Day!!
(I really love the way you did the choir photos with a close-up of your kids beside the group shot...very nice!! I may have to borrow that idea!)

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