Friday, October 28, 2011

Beautiful Fall Day with my Boy!

Jacob is recovering beautifully from his teeth extraction earlier this week. Today, he went back to school, and even got to give a report on his adventure to the class. Tonight, he is not even in pain, so that is good news. Yesterday, he and I had a great day together!

Since Jacob has had to eat softer food, he has had a lot of special treats in the past few days. His day started with a yummy omelet, per his request. Later in the morning, we were headed to Costco... and Jacob couldn't wait because he was going to get a frozen yogurt there!

BUT, it was such a gorgeous, warm, wonderful fall day, that I surprised Jacob with a slight detour and a stop at the park. We enjoyed the beautiful weather, and glorious colors of autumn as we took a long walk together.

My little photographer even got a picture of me! I was having a wonderful time soaking in the beauty and enjoying time with my sweet boy.

Our walk in the park was perfect for Jacob to work off some of the excess energy he has had from being home and recovering for three days.

And Jacob thought it was especially cool to open up acorns to see what was inside! I am very thankful that my sweet boy is doing so well.

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