Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mystery Reader

At parent night for Jacob's class, I had the opportunity to sign up for a Mystery Reader spot. The first one of the year was on Friday, and that was our day! Jacob had no idea I would be coming to his class. As it turned out, Grama is visiting, so she was also able to visit... in fact SHE was the Mystery Reader!

Grama had asked Jacob the night before about his favorite books so she could be sure to bring one he liked. When we came into the classroom, he got to help her to her seat, and sit in the place of honor beside her. He was so proud!

And he also had input for her along the way, such as, "You are supposed to show them the pictures." Fortunately, Grama didn't mind a little help!

Jacob's 3rd grade classmates listened attentively and were so well behaved. It is fun to see the kids growing up.
I think the Mystery Reader was a big success!!!

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