Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days Wrap Up!

Wow! Here is the last of 31 days of blogging through the month of October. I did it!!! It was fun, and not really a burden. I feel so good to have accomplished my goal, and look forward to continued blogging efforts. You can actually see a directory of all the posts from this month here.

October was a busy month for us, so I had a lot to blog about. My husband has also been working in the evenings, so I have had a little extra time for writing posts. As I mentioned before, I never lack for ideas, but my follow-through has not been there lately. This month I wrote more posts than I have written all year.

Family was my predominant topic this month. Jacob, our 8-year-old, had some medical tests (with good results) and a whole lot of teeth extracted, so I wrote quite a bit about him. Plus he was baptized this month, so that was pretty special. My mom, who lives in Arizona, came to visit for two weeks. She tries to come twice a year, and we always enjoy seeing her. This trip she was able to celebrate Jacob's baptism with us, and got to be the mystery reader for his class. We did have to say goodbye, though, after a great visit. I also enjoyed some special time with my sweet husband... seeing the movie Courageous, and having a "date" in the middle of chaperoning a middle school ministry event! I obviously need to devote a little more space to Abbie and Zac in the future, though.

Our church is a big part of our life. We are active in ministry, the kids are involved in activities, and we teach each week. Our church is not important to us for the sake of religion. Instead, it is our faith in Jesus Christ, our love for His Word, and our relationship with Him that we live for and rely upon. We are blessed to belong to a Bible-teaching church that provides us so many opportunities to grow, serve, and build community. We are so blessed by all the wonderful friends we have made in the past five years!

I had the chance the show off my creativity this month. I always love to be creative, whether it is an album project, making photo gifts for others, or putting together a raffle basket. I also get creative in the kitchen because I LOVE good food! This month I posted recipes for hummus, pumpkin cookies, and a layered quesadilla. I also feel like home management is another area where I can be creative to make our live run more smoothly, so this month I shared about packing lunches, collecting box tops, doing laundry, and my hiding place for my couponing deals!

It has been a full month, and I have enjoyed this little look back. I am going to keep on blogging!

{You can go here to get a taste of some of the others who took the 31 day challenge... and here to see a complete list of the over 700 participants! You will notice that I am #739 of 746 participants... and that most of the participants stuck to a theme during their 31 days. I was a rebel, and didn't. My goal was just to blog each day. I am happy to say I met my goal!!!}


Richella Parham said...

You were smart, Terri! I found writing for 31 days on one topic to be pretty daunting--I think the way you did it sounds like a lot of fun. I've just read several of your posts, including your hummus recipe, your hiding place for coupon deals, and your laundry post. I need to adopt your attitude toward laundry!!

Melanie said...

Congrats, my friend, on an awesome job meeting your goal! I enjoyed reading along every day & I think you had great variety in your posts which kept things interesting, useful & fun!!

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