Friday, October 14, 2011


{Jacob just before his baptism}

Jacob's Week
  • Sunday: Jacob was baptized
  • Monday: Jacob saw the ear, nose & throat specialist after nearly four weeks of swelling of his parotid gland; an MRI was ordered. He has had several occurrences of this over the past year.
  • Tuesday: Jacob went to the dentist where we learned that he has three baby teeth that are in the way and need to be pulled, in addition to three permanent, back molars that are extremely diseased and must also be pulled! We have a referral to an oral surgeon to have these six teeth extracted.
  • Wednesday: Jacob was so brave as he endured his MRI.
  • Friday (today): We were back at the ENT specialist to get the MRI results.
The good news is that no mass was found. Instead, he has general inflammation and chronic infection throughout the gland. Since the issue with his teeth was brand new information to us, I asked the doctor if the teeth and swelling could be related. He said they absolutely could be, but we wouldn't know for sure until a couple of months after the extraction. We are hopeful that resolving the dental issues will resolve the gland inflammation. Otherwise, this is a condition that he should grow out of by the time he is about 13.

We are thankful to have more information, and to know that it is nothing more serious. We were SO relieved when we got that news. Jacob is still on a journey toward healing. Having dental work will not be easy on him, but he is such a strong little boy. We have a consult with the oral surgeon on Monday afternoon to see what the next step is. Right now, we are praising the Lord for carrying Jacob through this and giving us great news today!

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