Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Snapshots

A beautiful morning at flag football and Jacob made a touchdown!

Gil coaching and leading and doing his best to remain calm.

Zac doing a great job working as a referee for the big kids.

A yummy layered quesadilla for lunch.

An afternoon out with my mother, enjoying the gorgeous weather and fall colors.

Some fun finds while out shopping.

Yes, today was a wonderful day!


Sarah said...

great day to be outside... beautiful necklace... special time with your mom... but WAIT! where did you get that quesadilla?! that looks GREAT!

Melanie said...

Those snapshots all add up to a GREAT day! Oh, and I LOVE the Wxw Antique Mart! I always find a treasure or two every time I go there! And way to go, Jacob, on his TD!!

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