Thursday, October 6, 2011

Got Box Tops?

Do you save Box Tops for Education? These cute little pink labels are found on all kinds of products. Each one is worth ten cents. That might not seem like a lot. But as you collect them, they add up quickly. You probably have or know a child who is in school. Well, these Box Tops can provide their school, or daycare, or possibly even homeschool co-0p with some much-needed funds with just a little bit of effort on your part.

I love to save these, and I have a few tips to make it easy.
  1. I try to cut all my Box Tops off of the packaging as soon as I unpack my groceries. I use a box knife to slice through the first couple of layers on a cereal box, cake mix, or box of baggies (see the missing Box Top on the box above?), and peel off the label. By cutting them off first thing, I avoid having to dig through the trash later. I also don't have to worry about getting upset at whomever threw the packaging away without first cutting off the Box Top! That's a good thing.
  2. I keep a little container in a kitchen drawer in which to collect all the Box Tops. They are small, and some are downright tiny. Having a place to store them keeps them safe and contained until it it time to turn them in.
  3. I keep my eye out for special deals that will provide extra "Box Tops". Recently, a supermarket promotion provided a coupon at checkout worth 50 Box Tops with the purchase of eight qualifying General Mills products. These coupons get turned in right along with the Box Tops to the school.
  4. Ask others to save their Box Tops for you. My mom regularly sends me a handful in the mail.
  5. Submit the Box Tops to your child's school. Chances are they are having regular Box Tops collection drives. When I turn mine in, I trim them all down, and package them in lots of 50 per bag. This isn't necessary, but if you don't trim yours, someone at the school will have to before they are redeemed. I write my child's name, teacher's name, and "50" on each bag, because at our school they have competitions over these things!
Just last week I bundled up 300 Box Tops to send to my children's elementary and middle schools. These all accumulated over the summer with little effort on my part. What an easy way to give $30 to my kids' schools! I will continue to do this throughout the year.

I hope you save Box Tops! And if you don't, maybe you are inspired to start!

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Melanie said...

Clever, clever! What great tips, thanks for sharing!!

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