Friday, October 7, 2011

Cute gift!

I LOVE that I have a very creative daughter! I guess you could say she takes after her mother... including the creative clutter everywhere, but that is a different subject. Where I have always been reserved and introverted, my daughter is outgoing, silly, loud, and social. I love that about her, too!

I love that Abbie has lots of friends, both at church and at school. Tonight she is at a birthday sleepover {complete with pedicures at a local salon!} for one of her very best friends. Her friend's name is Isabelle, and also goes by Izze. Several weeks back, Abbie spotted this sparkling juice in the grocery store and just knew she had to have it for Izze's present!

Earlier this week Abbie's vision was fulfilled as we picked up a 4-pack of the juice, and then went shopping for some extra goodies to put in two of the spots that hold bottles. Abbie picked out a couple of fun nail polishes, some lip gloss, and Izze's favorite candies. All of those items got wrapped in tissue paper and added to the drink box. I think it is quite the clever gift, and a fun & festive presentation. I am impressed at my girl's thoughtfulness on behalf of her friend!

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Melanie said...

Now this I LOVE!! (And I do happen to love that flavor of Izze, too!) But what a FANtastic gift idea, I am sure Abbie's friend was so excited to unwrap that sweet gift! The presentation is outstanding! I think this would also be fun for little teacher gifts! Thanks for sharing another wonderful idea! Your sweet Abbie is certainly "gifted" in many ways!

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