Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cute Snowman Game!

As one of the room moms in Jacob's class, I'm helping plan the snowman-themed "winter celebration" in his class tomorrow. I have the responsibility of bringing in the "Put the Buttons on the Snowman" game. I had so much fun putting this together, that I thought I would share. It will be fun for the kids in class... and a great way to keep the houseful of kids I'll have at home next week occupied!

This could be done as a fun activity for kids to play with, or as a game. So here are the supplies I gathered for the snowman and the game. I made two snowmen, so we can have two games running simultaneously. I used posterboard for the snowman, post-it notes for the items to "pin" on {can I just say that post-it notes are one of my most favorite things ever?!!}, scissors, marker, white printer paper, and some dark paper to make a hat. The painter's tape will hold the snowman on the wall, and the bandanas are for the kids to wear as blindfolds during the game. Here we go!

First, with one piece of posterboard, I made the snowman's body. You could totally adapt this and make your entire snowman on one piece of posterboard, or several pieces of printer paper. I wanted a big snowman! I also didn't worry about being perfect. A lumpy snowman is ok with me!

I found my largest lid to trace for a his head.

He is looking good!

I used my marker to put in a whimsical outline, and make the eyes and mouth. Now if you wanted to make this as an activity, rather than a game with blindfolds, you could opt to not draw the eyes and mouth, but make them the same way I made the other decorations.

And here come the post-it notes! Aren't they so fun? I have a great selection of 4x4 notes, so I used an assortment to cut into 4" circles.

I then outlined them, and added the button detail.

More post-its to make....

...carrot noses!!! Since this game has to endure 22 students plus siblings, I am making lots of extras!

Isn't he cute???! Hmmm.... he's missing something, though...

I cut a hat out of a piece of dark paper, colored in some cheery cheeks, and added another button. I think he's adorable!

Finally, I put sets of the buttons and noses on sheets of printer paper, ready for the "Put the Buttons on the Snowman" game. Like I said, I made a bunch of sets... the kids will have their choice of button colors. And, if anything needs to be replaced before we are done playing, we are well-stocked! I'll use the painter's tape to attach the body, head, and hat to the classroom wall. I can't wait for tomorrow! So, do you think you might want to make your own snowman?


Sarah said...

ooooo! this is a GREAT idea to use with my boys. we're gearing up for a "what is winter?" unit for preschool homeschooling and this will be a fun game. granted, mine will NOT look nearly as cute as yours...! :)

Melanie said...

Terri, what a CUTE snowman! I love all the "whimsical details" you added, they totally make it look so cute & classy! I know the game is sure to be a hit in Jacob's class! And your organization is top notch, as always!

Jenny said...

Ooo..looks like such a fun game! Hope the party was a success.

Celia Jimenez said...

Love your lil snowmen! You always have the best ideas!!! Crafty mom! :-)

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