Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentines for Valentine's Day!!!

I love using my StoryBook Creator Software to make quick, fun projects! This is an easy, affordable, and intuitive program designed just for people who love scrapbooking... and especially for those who don't! And it is the only program that comes with a personal assistant... me!

While the program lets you design album pages and hardcover StoryBooks, I use it for flyers, cards, and anytime I wants some quick & cute graphics. Hmm... I even used it to rearrange furniture, but that is another post! My middle-schooler has been using it for his school projects this year. It really is easy to use! I plan to dedicate future posts to some fun tips and how-to's with StoryBook Creator.

This week I held a Valentine workshop to help moms and kids design the cutest cards in class. I am going to show off the cards my kids helped me design for them. All of the artwork came from digital art downloads for StoryBook Creator from Creative Memories.

Abbie picked out the background paper, embellishments and quote. She directed the placement -- I did the work, but she really designed it. Her little 2"x3" card got a little crowded with everything on it, but she was happy with the end result! (Click on the image to enlarge if you want!)

Jacob was more hands off in the process of designing his card. I gave him a choice of Disney characters. He preferred Pooh and friends. It was his naptime, so he left the designing to me. Fortunately, when he woke up, he approved!

These little cards just took a few minutes each to design. They are printed just like regular photos. Aren't they fun??!! I am sure no one else in their classes will have Valentines like these. Want your own custom cards?

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Reason for Scrapbooking!

My wonderful, sweet husband Gil is my primary motivation for scrapbooking! His birthday is next week, February 3rd, so I am working on a little project for him. This little layout is on a 4x6 photo, easily made in a just minutes with my StoryBook Creator software.

Last year, for Christmas, I used the StoryBook Creator software to make him this gift. In the past, I had used the same little 4x6 easel album to make a calendar for Gil's desk, but used traditional scrapbooking methods. When I made the 2008 calendar, it was all done on the computer and uploaded for printing. It was just as easy to order three sets of prints, so the grandparents each got their own calendar, too. Love that!

What I love most, is that when Gil opens a gift that I made for him with our photos... he always says it is his favorite present!

For Father's Day this year, I had the kids help me make Gil this fun little paper album. I love to give these as gifts instead of just a card to my friends. For this project, I had each of our children write a little note to their dad. I gave them photos and a piece of paper and let them decorate as they wished!

I love this photo of Zachary with Gil! (And if you click on the image, it will enlarge for your viewing pleasure... click the back arrow to return to the post.) His note to Gil is sweet, too. I know this page means a lot to Gil.

Abbie made her own page. They each picked out vellum expressions to add to their layouts, too. It was fun to watch their creativity as they filled the little album.

Jacob had to dictate his message to Daddy. He picked out his quote, added his stickers, and then he was out of there! Abbie and Zachary finished the 12 page book for Gil. Total time to complete... about 15 minutes with Mommy's help!

It is fun to be able to make a quick gift with things we have on hand, that is also meaningful to the recipient! And if I can encourage my husband in the process, all the better.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 20th, 2009

This is what we woke up to Tuesday morning! Two inches of snow!! While barely considered a dusting in Colorado, this was certainly enough to cancel school for the day here in the Charlotte area! We considered it to be a treat... and it sure was pretty.

Our backyard was simply beautiful! And the kids couldn't wait to get out there and play. Actually, they went out three times during the day to play in the snow!! Jacob doesn't really remember snow, so he was hesitant at first. But he got into it and stayed out as long as anyone else was out there with him. Abbie, while the first one out in the morning, eventually decided she was too cold and came in to take a warm shower! Alas, I would have taken better pictures if I had bothered to go out there with them. I enjoyed the snow from inside, and on the front step!!
Of course, Tuesday was a momentous day for our country, as well. Many people are filled with great hope right now. I know where my hope lies... (Psalm 62:5)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Praying for Snow!

Tonight at the dinner table, the kids prayed for snow! We do have a good chance of getting the rare white stuff overnight. It has been a while since we have enjoyed snow, so we are looking forward to all the snow photos we can take tomorrow, and staying home from school! Since snow is not a usual occurrence around here, just and inch or two are enough to shut things down for a while. Being from Colorado, that is not what we are used to, but that's ok!

Jacob had a project due tomorrow for kindergarten. Today I got out all my cool tools and helped him put together his snowman. I used my circle cutter to quickly cut him an assortment of circles to choose from. After he picked just the right ones, we used the tearing tool to make the snow across the bottom of the page. He had fun with the snowflake maker to add some snow to his scene. It was cute how he used the markers to draw his snowman's face and buttons. In just a few minutes his project was completed. Jacob is very, very proud of his creation!!! And, maybe, tomorrow he will be building a real snowman of his own!

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