Monday, January 19, 2009

Praying for Snow!

Tonight at the dinner table, the kids prayed for snow! We do have a good chance of getting the rare white stuff overnight. It has been a while since we have enjoyed snow, so we are looking forward to all the snow photos we can take tomorrow, and staying home from school! Since snow is not a usual occurrence around here, just and inch or two are enough to shut things down for a while. Being from Colorado, that is not what we are used to, but that's ok!

Jacob had a project due tomorrow for kindergarten. Today I got out all my cool tools and helped him put together his snowman. I used my circle cutter to quickly cut him an assortment of circles to choose from. After he picked just the right ones, we used the tearing tool to make the snow across the bottom of the page. He had fun with the snowflake maker to add some snow to his scene. It was cute how he used the markers to draw his snowman's face and buttons. In just a few minutes his project was completed. Jacob is very, very proud of his creation!!! And, maybe, tomorrow he will be building a real snowman of his own!

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