Friday, January 6, 2012

Prayers for our Precious Friends

My dear friend Sue posted the following on Facebook at 11 last night:

All, today Marcus was in a serious motorcycle accident. The aorta coming out the top of his heart was severely torn, 80% of victims w/ this die at the scene. His right leg was lost from the knee down, his left leg is dislocated but the artery down that leg unharmed. He has mid spinal injury but we are unsure of how severe, he'll have a MRI in the night. I pray that you can already see God's mighty hand at work. I have been told by others, not the hospital, that he has the best surgeons and docs around. He was conscious the entire time from the accident to the ER to me getting to see him just before heart surgery. Very coherent, very aware. They repaired the aorta and he is stable and resting. His right hip socket pushed to the back and it will need surgery. He has more surgeries to come but we are unsure what or when at this time. We (I) have been incredibly blessed by all the prayers, support and love shown. I will try to read texts and email as I can, please forgive me if I don't reply. I'm exhausted and now need to sit still, breathe and process. Love to you all.

Please join many who love this precious family in lifting them up in prayer. Their two daughters, 9 and 4, are staying with us. They miss their parents and just want to see Daddy & Mommy. They don't know yet the extent of Daddy's injuries. Marcus and Sue are dear, dear friends of ours. Gil spent the day at the hospital yesterday, where many were gathered to support Sue and to pray for their family. 

I have no words, except that God is sovereign and He is faithful. We lift up praises to Him that His hand is upon Marcus and his family no matter what. Please pray for the Cooper family.


Amanda B said...

Praying for everyone and giving praises for you too!

Melanie said...

Thanks so much, Terri, for posting this! They are constantly on our minds & in our prayers. Please let us know if we can help in any way. Thanks for loving their girls through this time! What a great picture of Marcus, he is always so joyful & kind!!

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