Saturday, January 28, 2012

Did I ever mention that I make Blog Books?

I have been in the business of helping people preserve their memories, save their pictures, and share their stories for almost 15 years! I do parties, sell albums and scrapbooking supplies, host workshops and retreats where my friends can have fun while preserving their memories, teach digital scrapbooking, and I help others start their own businesses. Plus, I do lots of projects for other people

When I first discovered blogging, I was in love. I think it is so great that so many moms are taking the time to share their photos and stories. This is just what my mission has been for so long! I love bloggers!!!

So what is better than a blog?

A Beautiful Blog Book!

I have had the joy of converting several blogs into colorful, unique, 12"x12" hardcover books that can be enjoyed and treasured forever. It is so fun to help my bloggy friends take their blogging to a new level by creating a Beautiful Blog Book that permanently documents all of their precious words and photos.

I lovingly copy each and every post, one by one, pasting it into this "newspaper" format so that you have a chronological record of your blog. OR, I can use selected posts... you may not want to have all your "giveaways" or diy's in your book, so I can include just the posts that you most want to save and cherish.

And then there are the photos! I actually do some photo editing, as needed, such as removing red eye and brightening up dark pictures. I do my best to include every picture, placing them where it makes sense, so that they flow with the story, just like you do on your blog.

Creating a Beautiful Blog Book is a labor of love for me. I am so honored when I am entrusted with this important task. I spend up to six weeks crafting each page, and placing each picture. You are able to choose from a wide array of beautiful digital artwork that complements your blog and style. But in the end, it is your stories and photos that are the star. Imagine holding your book in your lap, looking through the story of your life... who else might want a copy?

Isn't my sweet friend Jenny's family just the cutest? I loved making this book for her!


Mark and Cari said...

How much do you charge for your blog books?

Melanie said...

How fun to see this sweet look back at Jenny's family a few years ago! The blog book that you did for her is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am also curious to know how the pricing works because I know it takes MANY hours to do...I would love to start printing out my blog, but don't know if we can afford it right now...
Thanks for sharing this, Terri, you are QUITE talented!!

Courtney said...

what are your prices per page compared to the cutest blog on the block? i believe it's or something like that.
I have had my blog printed the past 2 years and LOVE it. But would love to use you in the future.
if you don't mind emailing me at

thanks so much!

Linette said...

I would love info on how much you charge to do blog books. Please email me with prices, etc. thank you!

Unknown said...

I would so love to explore the cost for this with you! It's been on my To Do list but I am finding it hard to find time. And your presentation is simply stunning!

Have a wonderful day! I love your blog!
Michelle@ Teagan's Travels

Natalie said...

Hi, I just ran across your blog today and I think it's very nice. Can you send me the pricing for making a blog book please.

Also, I used to read Jenny's blog and was out of the country when she went private and was unable to send her a request and my email. Could you send her my email and ask her if she is willing to send me an invite?

I am a Mom of 5 bio and 3 adopted children and a Grandma too. I used to teach elementary school and also special ed high school.

Thanks, Natalie

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