Saturday, January 7, 2012

An update on Marcus

Marcus & Sue as I arrived at my surprise birthday party in November

I have to say that these smiling images made me cry when I looked through them this morning. But I have to share them because they so clearly portray the wonderful, loving, fun, funny, and sweet personalities of our friends Marcus and Sue Cooper. They have a wonderful, special marriage and a bond we could all envy. I have honestly never heard them say one cross word to one another, or have heard of any disagreement between them. They truly weather the many storms of life with few complaints. Saying that we love this family is an understatement!

It is times like these that I wish I was more of a poet than a reporter. I am having trouble expressing my heart in words, but my every breath is a prayer for this family. Yet, I am praising the Lord for his divine protection over Marcus, that Marcus is still with us. This family has been through many valleys, and this is absolutely the deepest. I am believing God for the high mountaintop to which He is leading them.

Sue is one of my dearest friends here in Charlotte. I have only been able to talk to her briefly since the accident Thursday morning. I am now in touch with her mother, who, as of suppertime last night has their children. Marcus' family has now arrived, so the family circle has tightened around Sue to support her, the children, and Marcus through this crisis. We friends are waiting in the wings, ready to do anything we can as soon as we are asked. We feel helpless and want to DO something, anything. But we all have to realize that the needs will be many and the timeline will be long. Our turn to help will come. So we continue to DO the only thing, and most important thing, we can: we pray.

Actually, here are Sue's words from this morning:
Thank you the offer, right now family is here to help but in the weeks and months of the beginning of this journey, I know I will need help.

I have been told that Sue will start a Caring Bridge site for Marcus' recovery. I will share that link when it comes and stop posting her updates here. But for now, here is what Sue posted on Facebook, Friday morning (24 hours ago):

Marcus has stayed stable thru the night. They had an MRI at 1:30am, pain but they have good meds. He is still considered critically ill and will be for a while. He has a fracture at his t8 and t9 vertebrea, surgery will be in 3 or 4 days. It is a good possibility that he will not get feeling from that part Down, but in my opinion only if that is God's will. It was not the hip socket but a break at the top of his right femur. That surgery may be today or tomorrow. We are not sure about any injuries in the neck they hope to test him today to find out more. He'll stay in a neck brace until they know more.

Posted by Sue, Friday night (last night):

Marcus is stable & resting remarkably well. For his injuries & status, he is at the top of his class & doing excellent. He has intermittent feeling from his mid-torso (the spinal injury area) down to about the top 1/3 of his thigh. One time he feels it, the next not, the next yes. So, still unsure if it is still trauma & just temporary or if he will loose feeling completely. Monday he will have back surgery to have a temporary fix to the spinal injury. 
He will continue on the ventilator thru the weekend and Mon surgery just to allow his body complete rest without having to work. They began a feeding tube today. God promises a peace beyond understanding when our faith is in Him, I have truly felt it since the moment I received the call yesterday. The realities & future began hitting me between the eyes today, but God in His grace continued to bring someone with right scripture to me and not allow me to worry about the future.
I have decided to stay at home tonight and pray for sleep. I haven't slept in 2 days. I have read all of my posts & texts, I have not heard all of my voice mails, sorry. Thank you for prayers, thank you for your love and thank you for not letting me be alone. Good night and I will post another update after speaking with the doctors in the morning.

My precious sister in Christ is an amazing woman. Her faith is carrying her, along with the prayers of so very many. I so wish I could give her this hug right now, but dear Sue, please know that I am holding you close in my heart.

You will keep in perfect peace 
   those whose minds are steadfast, 
   because they trust in you.

~Isaiah 26:3


Kim said...

Terri, one of the most beautiful writings I have ever read! Love you much and thank you for your love for so many!

Sarah said...

thanks for posting an update. thanks for being such a precious friend to the cooper's. and thanks, mostly, for loving and trusting Jesus and doing all you can to point others to him. love and prayers continue!

Melanie said...

"I am believing God for the high mountaintop to which He is leading them." That is beautiful, Terri, I think you are more of a poet than you give yourself credit for! Thanks for continuing to post & sharing your love. We are keeping them in our prayers and, like you said, are ready to help any way we can when the time comes! I'm glad to hear that Sue is planning to start a CaringBridge site at some point.
I am believing God for the mountaintop, too!

Terri said...

Thank you for your encouraging comments, sweet friends. They truly mean so much to me. Blessings...

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