Monday, January 9, 2012

Caring Bridge Site for Marcus & Sue Cooper

From Sue Cooper: 

This past Thursday, Marcus was in a serious motorcycle accident. I have only been posting on Facebook but have now had the time to set up a Caring Bridge website. You can access it at:

This will be the only email that I send out about the incident. This way those that want to stay updated or communicate with us can via this website. Please know that there is a "tribute" link. If you give any money it goes to keeping the website going, it is not asking for contributions to us or the his accident. The website is non-profit and it just helps folks stay connected through things like this situation. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that, it is a little unclear if you have never used Caring Bridge before.

We love you all and just want to keep you updated as to what is happening and how we are doing. This is a whole new phase and a new way of life for us and no matter what happens, I pray we praise God through every step.

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Belinda Jefferson said...

It’s moving to see how Marcus and Sue are so loved. :) And I think building up such a website is a helpful idea. Not only will you be able to send updates on their progress, but it would serve as a reminder on how each and everyone should be careful on the road – on and off a vehicle. Not everyone can be as lucky as Marcus and Sue. How are they doing now, Terri?

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