Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Man I Love

This post is a shout-out to my wonderful husband, Gil! I am blessed to be married to a guy who loves me, our children, and the Lord. I appreciate how hard he works and that he has high standards for himself and others. I can't believe that we are in our 16th year of marriage! In some ways it has flown by. Each year, though, definitely gets better and better.

We have had our ups and downs, but through it all we remain committed to each other, our family, and our marriage. I love that! Our children are blessed to have a dad who loves them fiercely, and who isn't afraid to admit when he is wrong. I love how my husband is teachable, growing, and humble.

I pray each day for Gil. And I strive to be a better, more loving wife to him. I am blessed. He is my love and my hero. I admire Gil, respect him, and appreciate him.

I love you, Babe!!!

{Thanks to my friend Cindy who took these photos one day at her house. I pulled them off of Facebook to use here. They look ok, but the image files are super tiny, so I can't print these pictures. This is one of the dangers of having all our photos online... we get a false sense of security, thinking we will have access to them when we want them. However, if the image quality or size is very low, then they only really work for viewing online. To put them in an album or use in a digital layout, I am going to have to ask Cindy to send me the original, full-size images.}

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Jenny said...

What a sweet post!!!

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