Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oct 31 Fun

Last night, my kids dressed up and went around the neighborhood in pursuit of candy. They each came up with their own outfits.

Here is my cute, 7th grade nerd! {I love that she can fit into her baby brother's size 4 sweater vest!}

She went around with a couple of friends from school {with her friend's dad supervising}. She said that the question she received most was about whether or not her hair was a wig! {no!}

And here is my 3rd grade Snowboarder! Gil and I walked around with him, and I can honestly say we did not see another snowboarder anywhere. Pretty original!

The medals were a nice touch.... a gold medalist snowboarder!

We had a fun night seeing neighbors. Since Jacob ran up to every door, he tired out pretty quickly, which was just fine for Gil and I. We were happy to get home to where Zac was passing out candy.

1 comment:

Melanie said...

The kids look adorable! I love the creativity of their costumes!

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