Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Toddler to Teen Album"!

What is a Toddler to Teen album? This album captures 18 years of a person's life all in one book!!! It is great if you have someone who will soon be graduating from high school. If you have never scrapbooked, this is the perfect album for you to start with!!! Is your child or loved one already done with high school? Well, this album works well as a gift as they get married, graduate from college, or celebrate a milestone birthday! It's never too late to make this quick and easy album. You could also apply this concept to your own childhood photos and make it for yourself. The complete instructions are here.

The Toddler to Teen album can, of course, be made as a scrapbook. In fact, if you have never scrapbooked, it can be a good first project. Not a scrapbooker? That's ok -- you can also use this idea to make a slide-in PicFolio album. Love digital? This is a great project for a hardcover StoryBook or digital page prints.

This album uses a "windows in time" format, as opposed to a chronological, or year-by-year set up. What this means is that you will have 4 pages, or 2 two-page spreads, for each topic. Topic sections include things like "First Years", "Birthdays", "Places I've Been", "Family", and more. Using about 18 or so sections, with 4 pages each, you can fit an entire life in one album! However, you do need to get really picky if you have lots of photos. You will be limited to how many you can use in each section. But that is exactly what makes this such a do-able project!

I have handouts and instructions I am happy to share with you! Just send me an email or leave me a comment and I will be thrilled to help you out! If you are local, I can help you in person, too.

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