Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cute things they say...

I found these cute little Clementine mandarin oranges at Costco this week. I loved that they were the perfect size for snacking and lunch boxes. Rather than peeling an orange to divide among 3 kids, I can just give them their own. Well, Zachary is fine with peeling his. Abbie prefers a banana. And Jacob, who just turned 6, can't exactly peel an orange yet.

This morning when I was groggily making lunches, I had the fruit laid out. Jacob reminded me that he needs his orange peeled. I assured him that I definitely planned on peeling his before packing it in his lunch.

After school, this is what Jacob said to me:

"Mommy, I couldn't hatch my orange."

"What?" I said. "Hatch your orange???"

"My teacher had to open it for me," Jacob said. "But then I could peel it myself!"

Of course I apologized for my oversight! And ran to pick up an extra orange and the camera to document this cute moment!!!

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