Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

We are loading up the car & looking forward to a week at Sugar Mountain, NC! We will explore Banner Elk, Blowing Rock, Boone, the Blueridge Parkway, and the surrounding mountain areas. We are so excited!!!

It has been a busy week getting things done for the trip, tying up loose ends, and making sure that all my responsibilities as volunteer coordinator for Vacation Bible School are caught up. Right now I have a few things to cross off my list... we need to load the car... and then we are off! I am sneaking in a few moments to write this up Saturday morning so that it will be posted in time for Father's Day!!!

In the midst of our busy week, the kids made these 12x12 digital pages for their Daddy for Father's Day! Zachary and Abbie were able to make their own pages... from choosing the photos, bringing them into StoryBook Creator, and completing the layout. Pre-designed pages made it especially easy for them! Jacob quoted to me what he wanted his page to say. We got the pages finished up, uploaded, and back in time to stick into our scrapbook. We are taking the album with us! Instead of cards or gifts, this will be our present to Gil.

I am so blessed to be married to a wonderful, godly man. He truly is the best father ever. We are blessed with a totally involved, hands-on, generous, loving guy. We love you, Gil!!!!!!

Made by Zachary!

Made by Abbie!

Made with Jacob's help!


Melanie said...

Terri, hope that you guys enjoy a FANTASTIC week in the mountains! I love these pages the kids made for Gil, they are so beautiful. I especially love the quote on Abbie's about being "front row for it all." That is precious! Hope Gil has a terrific Father's Day!

Jessica said...

The pages the kids made are so special. I know he will treasure them for years to come.

Have fun on vacation!

Jessica <><

Jenny said...

I too hope you are having a fun and restful vacation! The pages the kids made are awesome!!! Happy Father's Day to Gil!!

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