Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't forget to pack...

I know summer is quickly coming to a close... but some of my friends are still planning to head out on vacation in the next week or two. We think we will always recall the details, but I know my mind is not what it used to be.... Here is a tip that can make such a difference in how you remember all those precious stories and special moments! Journal as you go. Don't forget to pack your journaling supplies!

You may want to use a simple little notebook like this one that I picked up in a $1 bin at the craft store. It is just 5"x7", so it is easy to tuck into my bag and carry with me. I can easily grab it to write my thoughts, or the kids' cute reactions and conversations! Whether you scrapbook or not, don't you really want to remember all those things?

If you are a traditional scrapbooker, you might not want to have to journal twice by copying everything from your notebook. If so, you can take a set of journaling cards and a good pen with you so that the stories you write on your trip can be added right into your album along with your pictures. How easy is that?!

Here is a fun idea for a Disney trip! This photo album kit gives you bunches of cute cards on which to journal your stories. You can can also collect character autographs right on the appropriate cards! All of the pieces of this album kit are designed to slip right into our PicFolio albums, so once you print your pictures, you can slide them into the pockets, along with your cards and mats, and enjoy! Of course, you can also use these cards and mats in a traditional scrapbook.

So whether you are packing for vacation, or a playdate, don't forget your journaling supplies!

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Melanie said...

What a great tip, Terri! Thanks so much for sharing! Since I generally have my phone on me, I will sometimes jot a "note" or send myself an email of something cute I want to remember...then I can cut-n-paste it to my blog or where ever!

Unknown said...

Hi , my name is Karen and I came across your blog and wanted to introduce myself.. I enjoyed browsing through your blog and will be back to visit again .. Hope you will get a chance to stop by mine and say Hi as well.
Have a great day.. and God Bless.

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