Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An unlikely friendship...

She came into my home, where I hosted our ladies’ Bible study… She had made friends at a recent leadership event with the girls leading our group and they had invited her. I was intimidated by her presence, her knowledge, her big personality. And then she admitted that she was in a season of depression and I wanted to run far away in fear. But, as I got to know her, as I drank in her wisdom, I knew I needed more. I was a baby Believer, thirsty for knowledge. I asked her to be my mentor. We began to meet weekly: walking, praying, and doing Bible study together. I was in turn, able to offer her a job. She was my mentor, my assistant and my best friend. I met my husband at her house! She was definitely brought into my life by the Lord to stretch me. I wouldn’t have picked her for a friend, but I’m so glad He did! I pray that everyone could have a sweet sister-in-the-Lord like my friend of almost 18 years! Do you have any unlikely friendships?

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Celia Jimenez said...

Some of my most treasured friends are those that would seem the most unlikely!!! I absolutely LOVE being around those that are much older and wiser than I am...and just soaking up all that they have learned in their walk with the Lord. Glad you have such a great friend, Terri! You are one! :-)

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