Saturday, November 13, 2010

Great Fall Season of Sports!

Today we ended a great season of flag football and soccer! It was a glorious fall day... warm, sunny, and beautiful. Jacob had his last flag football game this morning. And Abbie played two games this afternoon.

No more weekly practices...

No more Saturday games....

I have been SO proud of Zac this season because he has had his first job! Each Saturday he has been a referee for 2-3 games, earning pretty good money for a 13 year old.

{Card I made for the coach}

We love Jacob's flag football coach. He has done such a great job with the boys. Jacob really enjoyed flag football. It really clicked with him, more than soccer ever has. At first I wondered about running plays with 7 and 8 year olds. But for Jacob, it really worked. He liked knowing he had a job and what he needed to do. In contrast, soccer was too random. He can't wait to play flag football again in the spring!

Abbie had a great season in soccer. She is a good player and sure plays hard. We love her coach, too, and were glad she got to play another season with him. We aren't sure where she will be in the spring, so we really enjoyed this season. Coach Pete had me make these cards up to give out to all the girls. I love being able to do stuff like this!

And then the parents surprised him with this 16x20 poster! It was really fun to make, especially since I had access to such gorgeous photos, courtesy of one of the dads from the team. Needless to say, Coach Pete was blown away with his gift!!!

As a mom, I'm looking forward to the break that the end of the season brings. But at the same time, it was a lot of fun and it is sad that it's over!


Melanie said...

What GREAT cards, SO cute! It sounds like all of your kids had a great season! I'm so glad for the break from practice & games, but it is always a bittersweet ending.

Celia Jimenez said...

Jeffrey was SOOOO blessed...he told me about it yesterday in church. This team really was special to him! Sounds like an amazing season!

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