Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Photo Taking Tips for the non-professional!

Isn't he cute?!? I am not sure which is my favorite photo. But to get these cute shots... I had to take quite a few pictures! I am an average photographer with a decent point-and-shoot camera who is always striving to get good results. I am going to share a few of my tips here.

We were visiting with Grama and Grampa out on the screened porch a couple days ago, and Jacob was talking. I just kept clicking away because he looked so cute and I wanted to catch the perfect picture.The great thing with digital, is that we can take lots and lots of pictures!

Here are a few of my tips:
1. Take lots of pictures
2. Get in close with the zoom
3. Turn off the flash
4. Try the "kids and pets" setting on the camera and take multiple shots in a row
5. Take pictures often, and the kids (or adults) will not really be aware of the camera
6. Try not to pose your subjects, but catch them in action
7. Delete the duds and showcase the best!
8. Contact me if you need help with easy ideas for accomplishing #7!!!

Grama & Grampa are here for just 6 more days... I'll be taking lots more photos!

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