Monday, December 19, 2011

Just keep smiling!

Last week was one of those weeks! The downstairs heat went out last Saturday and wasn't fixed until Friday... I was settling into my new job... I was co-coordinator for a middle school ministry Christmas party for 150 Tuesday evening... I was responsible for getting 24 freshly-printed and properly-identified t-shirts to Jacob's class party on Thursday {after learning on Monday that they had been printed on the wrong color shirt, but that all worked out fine!}... I was scheduled to volunteer with the 7th grade "Victorian Celebration" at Abbie's school on Thursday... I have been assisting numerous customers with Christmas orders and deliveries and design projects... I was working on our Christmas card and letter... I had kids to watch and errands to run and packages to get ready to mail... all while certain rooms of my house look like something exploded. 

Making dinner wasn't exactly at the top of my To Do list! I was so glad when I had the inspiration on Thursday to make Tamale Pie. But then, in my distraction, I burnt the cornmeal I was cooking on top of the stove that was supposed to be the crust, and not just a little. I had a good 3/8" of black, burnt crust on the bottom of my little stainless steel pot. I was a little flustered, and set it down on my butcher block. {The butcher block my mother had commissioned someone to make for her over 25 years ago. The butcher block that has also belonged to my sister, and for the last 8 years has been mine. That butcher block.} 

When I picked up the pan and saw the mark, it did look like a happy face to me! I just had to laugh. I posted a funny status on facebook: "My reputation is ruined! I just burnt dinner. On to plan B..." Plan B ended up being burritos, using the filling that would have gone in the tamale pie. Everyone agreed that dinner was tasty, fortunately.

The burnt mark on the butcher block might be able to be sanded away. Or it might stay. Gil says it adds character. Right now it is a reminder to keep smiling! Enjoy the moments. We are so blessed and have so much for which to give thanks!

Just keep smiling..... even when your husband surprises you with the news that you will be dog sitting for the next week!

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