Friday, May 15, 2009

A Sweet and Easy Gift!

I like to send cards and notes to those I care about.

For a birthday or other special occasion, I would also love to lavish them with gifts. But there are a couple of problems with that: 1) I don't have unlimited funds, 2) some people are really, really hard to buy for, 3) do they really need more "stuff"? and, 4) I don't have unlimited funds. Yet, for certain people and occasions, while a gift may not be necessary, a card just does not seem like enough!

My favorite choice in that situation is to make a quick and easy Paper Album!

These images are from a beautiful Paper Album that my sweet friend Robin made for her husband. This precious little book celebrates their 10th wedding anniversary! The 12 pages showcase pictures from their years together, with memories recorded by Robin's hand.

Ronnie keeps this on his nightstand.

In honor of Father's Day, Creative Memories is offering this limited edition "Make it for Dad Featured Project Bundle" which includes everything you need to make a quick and easy gift! Last year, my kids and I made a paper album to give to Gil, with each child completing two of the pages themselves. You can see part of it here. I offer workshops to help families make their Paper Albums, too.

Paper Albums Kits are sometimes called our "15 photos in 15 minutes" album. You can definitely finish one in about an hour. Everything is included, and beautifully coordinated, so it is fun and easy to put together. And, with a variety of options, you can find one for almost any occasion. They even come with an envelope to make them easy to mail!

It is also fun to have a Paper Album Party! These make a fun girls-night-out where everyone brings 10-20 photos. It is also a fun birthday party project. When my daughter turns 10 this summer, we will be making "all about me" albums using a couple of photos and Paper Album Kits.

These make awesome gifts when you put them together for someone special. Think about teacher gifts, grandparents, coaches... so many possibilities! Or, for a crafty kid, give them a Paper Album Kit to complete on their own. Who can you bless with a Paper Album?


Elizabeth said...

Greetings Terri!

These paper albums are just as you said, perfect when just a card is simply not enough!

I desperately need to come see you soon! With Dan coming home, I should be able to soon!

And your previous post's letter from Gil...WOW, double WOW, triple WOW!

Love you womanhood!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Great post Terri!

I like the summer package! Those are my kind of colors.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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