Friday, May 8, 2009

Where's Mom??!?? Part 2

In March, I wrote this post called "Where's Mom??!??" In the past couple of days, Emily at Chatting at the Sky visited this very topic. Of course, she is far more eloquent than I am. Her post is definitely worth a read, as are all the comments.

The question is, are we in our pictures? In years to come, will our children know we were present in their lives, or will they wonder where we were? Emily, and another blogger, Karin, encourage us to take self-portraits if we have to. So in that vein, I decided I would do that with my kids tonight! On a whim, I picked up the camera, we all piled on the playroom couch, and took a few pictures.

I actually had to hand the camera to Zachary for him to take the photos because I couldn't keep my arm out of the shot!

This Mother's Day weekend, let's make sure Mom (you!!) are featured in some photos... preferably with your kids!!


emily freeman said...

Terri, Thank you for your thoughtful, kind words. I'm not sure why this post has me tearing up, but it does. I read your previous post on the same topic (great title, btw) and really enjoyed it. Looks like we've touched on something pretty common and important!

Melanie said...

Hear, hear Terri!
I'm handing the camera over to someone else tomorrow!
Happy Mother's Day to a wonderfully delightful mom!

Jenny said...

I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day sweet friend!!!

The Nester said...

Just wanted to stop by and say nice to meet you! Oh and my sister has already been here!

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