Saturday, July 23, 2011

A weekend with my "best friend"!

Beth Moore came to Charlotte this weekend!!! For the past 12 years, I have been doing her Bible studies. I have completed about 11 of them, and some of them I have actually done 2-3 times. I love her teaching! I was blessed to see her in person in 2004 in Colorado Springs. I was very excited to have the opportunity to see her again. Beth Moore is so down-to-earth and open... anytime I see her on video I feel like I am reunited with my best friend! I think she makes everyone feel that way!!

Our theme for the weekend was "hold fast". The Lord is holding fast to us... will never let us go, if we have trusted Him for our eternal salvation. We need to hold fast to him for earthly security and abundant life (not a life that is pain free, but a life that works). He loves us SO much!

We had 9400 women in attendance. Lots of women from my church were there... I kept running into groups of them all over the arena. I was blessed to attend with my sweet friend Leah. In fact, I nearly didn't get to go to this conference... but Leah surprised me with a ticket a few weeks ago!!! We have spent the last year and a half doing Bible study together, so she knew how much I really wanted to be there. I was touched, humbled, blessed! What a truly wonderful friend Leah is!

We ended up making plans with a number of other women to ride the light rail to uptown, have dinner, and then find seats together for Friday night. It was an adventure, and lots of fun! It was also wonderful to grow closer to some women I didn't know as well before this weekend. This morning we met bright and early at 6:30 to carpool back to uptown. The worship and teaching this weekend were just amazing! I will be absorbing and processing all we learned for the next week or two and beyond, I believe!

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Sarah said...

first of all, i have NO idea how you have been able to get pics and a post written and up already!

second, i'm so happy you went and were blessed by it. it was truly a wonderful time and i wish it could have been longer!

Melanie said...

GREAT pics of what looked like a wonderful weekend! Hope that I can go if she comes again!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to see Beth Moore live. I am with you. I have done several of Beth Moore studies. What a treat it would be to see her live. I may have to travel next year to go to one of these conferences.

your sister in Christ!..

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