Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Business Card!

I just read a post by my friend Kim at Everything Etsy on creative business cards. I realized that I haven't shared my business card before... and I think it is somewhat creative! I designed it with my software, dropping one of my favorite scrapbook pages in as the photo. It is actually 1/2 of a 4x6 photo. So for the price of printing a picture, I got 2 business cards. I think they are fun! What do you think?

{Just for August 2011, my software and all the artwork is 50% off here!!! Wow!!}


Melissa said...

I love it, Terri! Nice work.

Anonymous said...

I love your business card. What option did you select for the "Project Type" in CM? I may have to create some new business cards for my new venture:-)

your sister in Christ,

Matthew Engquist said...

This is simply beautiful, Terri! It is pretty obvious that your family matters the most to you. That's why you put them in your business card. How's your business doing?

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