Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Going with the flow

This was the week I was going to get organized...

I was determined to conquer my paper piles in the kitchen. I was really looking forward to clear counters. But life didn't quite go the way I had planned.

Gil took Monday off from work. Jacob had been sick over the weekend and was still feeling badly. So we kept him home from school and took him to the doctor. Poor baby has strep throat. Gil decided to spend the afternoon mowing the lawn. As he came into the garage after, he noticed water all over the gargage floor! Water was pouring out of the hot water heater in a steady drip. The troops {Zachary & Abbie} were called in to help move stored boxes and carry wet books into the house.

I am doing my best to save the books that I can, grateful that only a few boxes of books were damaged. We should have a new hot water heater tomorrow. We are going into our third day without hot water. The kids don't mind the lack of showers.

Time to heat some water on the stove so I can wash some more dishes. All the clutter around here is driving me just a little crazy. But first, I think I will make another scrapbook page!

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