Saturday, August 8, 2009

My current distraction...

While I have made a concerted effort over the past week to actually publish posts on my own blog, I have had a difficult time keeping up this summer. It's not that I don't have things to write about or share... ideas do abound! (So do projects, responsibilities, kids, ect.!)

Not only have I not kept up with posting, I haven't kept up with reading and checking in on my favorite blogs! I have developed quite the reading list, and am constantly finding new blogs I love to check out on a regular basis. (I really should update my sidebar list.) Only my "regular basis" has not been so regular lately.

I feel like I have been neglectful... unfaithful even...

Several weeks ago, the media blitz for a new movie started. The commercials nudged a vague recollection from the back of my mind. I think I heard something about this story somewhere before...

So, I did what came naturally, and googled "Julie & Julia". From there I found Julie Powell and her blogs!

Amy Adams as Julie Powell

So, at night when my family snuggles in our seats in the family room watching movies or tv, I have been systematically reading Julie Powell's blog on my laptop... the blog that inspired the book... that inspired the movie, "Julie & Julia"! In case you don't know already, Julie was looking for purpose in her life when she decided that she was going to cook every recipe in Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and blog about it.

What is interesting to me is that the blog starts on August 25, 2002. Since I have been blogging for less than a year, this is like ancient history in the blogosphere! I find it fascinating to see how the formats and navigation functions have evolved. We are so fortunate to have the tools, features, and ease of use we enjoy today. The other cool thing is reading the comments... most were made at the time of the original post. But many others have been made years later by people who later found her blog. Can you imagine someone years from now having a conversation with you from something you wrote this week? Trippy! So, I am enjoying reading this blog as a study of the history and evolution of blogging.

Meryl Streep as Julia Child

The other character in the movie is Julia Child. I have always enjoyed reading cookbooks. Not just perusing and picking our recipes, but actually reading the whole cookbook! Especially when the cookbook author seems like he or she is talking to the reader. So far, in my reading of Julie Powell's blog, Julie hasn't ever met Julia. But it is interesting to read about Julie's experiences as she works through Julia Child's recipes. I am definitely inspired to add more butter to my cooking!

I find Julie's blog to be funny, interesting, and informative. I do cringe, however, when she takes the Lord's name in vain. And her language is not always the most ladylike. But for the most part, I am enjoying this blog.

So here is my plan. I am not about to undertake the task of cooking every recipe in Julia Child's or anyone else's cookbook. But I am planning on reading every post, in order, on Julie Powell's blog. And then I want to read her book. And then there's the movie... it opened last night!

This is a movie I really look forward to seeing! And I will...

As soon as it is released on redbox!

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kristi_temple said...

It was so nice to have met you on Saturday at the Nester's Swap Meet. Have a blessed day.

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