Thursday, August 13, 2009

So I got to attend this great swap...

Here is my dining room with my new print on the wall! I love it!!! I am partial to architectural details and furniture... and this print has both a brick wall and a chair in it. Oh, and flowers, too. I love, love, love flowers. And the colors were just right. The price? Even better. FREE!!!!

I was blessed this past Saturday to attend a housewares swap. We all showed up with stuff we didn't want anymore, put it all on a table, and then took turns choosing something we did want! I made a rule for myself that I would only choose something that I knew I had a spot for. In my second pick, I snagged this framed print!

Oh, did I mention that this swap was at the Nester's home????!!?!!!! (And I shamelessly stole these last three photographs from her post about the event!)

A little over a year ago I first began reading one blog to keep up with my friend Jenny's adoption journey. One day, she had some photos of some cute window treatments she had put up. But she called them "mistreatments" which was quite puzzling to me! They were so cute! How could those adorable windows be being mistreated??? So I had to click on the link to find out more... and I discovered a creative haven of inspiration in the Nesting Place blog!!! And my love affair with blogs, blogging, and bloggers was born.

Because I loved Nester's down-to-earth, open & easy-going style, her great tutorials and most of all, her encouragement, I was inspired to start this blog at the end of 2008. So imagine how beside myself I have been as I looked forward to attending this swap in her home!!!!

with Tracey

As I anticipated attending the swap, I was just so excited about meeting Nester, and other bloggers! I pulled together the things I would be taking to swap. But I really didn't give a second thought to what I might be bringing home! That part was really immaterial to me. And then, last Wednesday when she blogged about the undone state of her bedroom, it occurred to me that I was actually going to be in her house!!! And, as the day approached, seeing the guest list made me even more excited, knowing that I would be meeting beautiful ladies with whom my heart connects!

Top Row: Richella, Emily, Nester, The Scooper, me, Jen, Bonita
Bottom Row: Leigh Ann, Lily, Kimba

Oh, what a treat it was!!! Now, I am usually not a crowd kind of person. I would prefer to get together with one or two girlfriends so we can really talk. In a big group, I am shy and tend to be more of an observer... especially when I don't know anyone. I have been known to be fully intending to attend a gathering, and then at the last minute not show up because I am too overwhelmed by the thought of stepping into the crowd all alone. But not this time. I was excited to go, not at all nervous. I was thrilled to be there, to meet people I felt like I already knew, as well as make new friends. And being in Nester's home was just like stepping into a photograph, only better. I tried to drink in every little thoughtful touch sprinkled throughout.

I have admired so many Nesting Place photos, furniture arrangements, window "mistreatments", and tablescapes... I couldn't believe I was actually there in person!!! This home was warm, comfortable and inviting. So welcoming. So inspiring. And Nester was equally warm and inviting, so adorable in person! She was a delight, so real... a little quirky in a cute way, and ever so encouraging.

The swap part was fun. I came home with some great stuff! The food was fabulous... we all brought a treat to share. But the fellowship and friendship were the best gift of all... making virtual a reality was such a treat!


Scooper said...

Hi Terri! What a privilege to meet you Saturday. I didn't realize til I saw the photo that you got Lily's picture. It's beautiful in your home. I'll have to tell her it went to a loving place. What a blast we all had!

Bonita said...

Terri, it was good meeting you. I love the picture, even thought of taking it in the swap, but couldn't think of where I'd put it or if it would really match. I'm glad you got it because it looks super on your wall. Hope to see you again, maybe at another swap?

Jenny said...

Girl--- What a treat indeed! I can't believe you met "the nester"!!!! What a fun time you must have had!!!

The Nester said...

Terri! You had the perfect place for that print! Well done! I've moved my basket of eggs about 78 times because I love it everywhere.

I am so glad that you came and I agree, we had a fantastic group of women!

Anonymous said...

Terri, it was great to meet you! That pic looks perfect on your wall - like it was made for that spot. Yay!


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