Thursday, September 24, 2009

And the winner is...

We had a very scientific process a few minutes ago to choose a winner on my giveaway. I wrote down the 10 names on tickets, folded them up, tossed them around in a big bowl, and let my son Zachary choose one! (Just so you know, Zachary is almost 13, and is bursting with integrity.)

Dawn, who the was the first to comment, was the ticket he pulled! You will have to go check out her beautiful family. Congratulations Dawn!!!! I will get your Paper Album to you right away!

And thank you to everyone who left advice, comments, and congratulations for my sister. I appreciate the input soooo much. If you didn't leave a comment on my babygear advice post, you still can. I welcome whatever wisdom you want to offer, and will pass it on to my sister.


Melanie said...

Hi Terri~

I'm SO happy for Dawn, yay!

I forgot to come back & comment before, but here are my 2 cents...
-Definitely a bouncy, vibrating seat (or 2 if she has a 2 story house.) You can often find nice ones at 2nd hand stores.
-If she plans to breast-feed, a "hooter hider"/nursing can find them in all kinds of gorgeous patterns on Etsy & Ebay...just make sure it has fairly large dimensions to cover well...some are a bit too short, in my opinion...I like my midsection to be covered. And these work well to drape over the stroller when baby is sleeping, too...or just to keep the sun off the baby. I have even worn mine over the baby in the sling to keep the sun off of baby...
-A sling or baby carrier is great.
-A lightweight, easy steering stroller.
-Several people have mentioned the Ultimate Crib sheets & they are great, but I might wait to see if the baby leaks a lot in bed...we used one for Jack, but have not used it at all the last 2 babies...for whatever reason, they don't seem to leak out of their diapers in bed. I do put a little lap pad in the bed under their head in case there is any spit-up.
Okay, that's probably enough for now!
-Oh, I agree, the "SwaddleMe" swaddler type blankets are fabulous!!

So, SO excited for your sister & praying for her!

dawn said...

yahoooo!! thank you terri for choosing me (or i guess thank your son!). this is the deal ~ i will get my fabulous prize when we can finally get together to meet about scrapbooking. i am going to look at your dates of your crops that are scheduled and hopefully i can make one of those soon, if not i will carve out some evening time and come on over! i promise i will get there and soon!!! thanks again!!

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