Monday, September 7, 2009

The flu or something...

Last Monday, the kids were off to school bright and early. Gil leaves for work around 11:30 a.m. I was quickly out the door after he left to go run a few errands. I was trying to be a good Mommy and make sure that Zachary had the poster board and color pencils he needed after school for a project that was due during the week. I also had some great coupons from the Sunday paper to redeem at Harris Teeter's super-double-coupon sale!

Two hours later I returned home, quite pleased with my accomplishments! I was thrilled to have left Harris Teeter with 6 full bags of groceries for only $17!!! I am always so thankful when that happens. I feel like my grocery bargains are truly a gift from the Lord.

{All of this for under $5! Most of it was free. These will be great lunchbox treats!}

Within seconds, though, I was plunged into a bad mommy moment. I happened to look at the missed calls on caller ID and saw that the elementary school had called!!! And there my cell phone sat, right on the kitchen counter, also showing missed calls. By this time it was 1:45... just 15 minutes before the end of the school day. I immediately called the school, got an update from Jacob's teacher, and apologized profusely for being an MIA-mommy.

I met the school bus half an hour later and there was poor little Jakie with a 102-degree fever! He ended up staying home from school for the next three days. In fact, on Tuesday, he took a four-hour nap! The fever hung on for a few days, too. He went back to school on Friday with a bit of a cough. Here he is, well along in his recuperation... trying not to smile as Mommy takes a picture! He was so cute all week -- running to take his temperature all on his own throughout the day. He is my child who likes to see how everything works.

By Friday, as Jacob returned to school, Zachary started complaining of a sore throat. I figured that since he didn't have a fever, he could go to school on Friday, then have the three day weekend to recover. If he had to miss any school it could be this week. Maybe I should have been more compassionate? My poor baby practically slept the weekend away! He got up Saturday morning feeling terrible, took some medicine and went back to bed. It seemed that every time he sat in a chair or reclined on the couch, he was soon asleep. Zac's feeling much better today and will probably be able to go to school tomorrow.

The funny thing that happens when my kids get sick... I suddenly realize that I am also sick. I think it must be a mom thing... I had headaches all week and was really exhausted, but just kept going. Once Jacob was sick, though, it occurred to me that maybe I was also coming down with something. I made sure to get lots of rest myself this weekend. So far Gil & Abbie are fine... and I have vowed to never leave my cell phone behind... although I think I left it in the van today after we came in from getting our free Chik-Fil-A sandwiches....


Melanie said...

Oh Terri, hope that you all had a restful weekend! I know what that is like...caring for everyone else being sick & ignoring the symptoms yourself...only to finally get sick! Hope that you are all on the mend & have a beautiful week!

Jenny said...

Oh Terri....We missed Jacob on Sunday. I hope everyone is feeling better. Being sick is no fun!

Jessica said...


So sorry to hear that you guys got the flu bug! I always end up getting it about a week later than everyone else in the family, which works out good since I can still take care of everyone and they are better by the time I'm down for the count.

I pray the sickness is over and you guys are feeling much better!

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