Friday, September 11, 2009

FUNdraiser at school today...

We had such a FUN fundraiser at school today! The kids did a Boosterthon Fun Run... they ran, skipped, and danced laps for 30 minutes to energetic music. Each child had a week to get pledges per lap or flat donations for the school. This morning we watched Jacob as he ran around the track... for a total of 34 laps!!! That means he ran more than 2 miles! His first grade class raised over $1600 in pledges. This was such a well-executed event... fun for the parents and the kids. Gil & I really enjoyed watching Jacob. Zachary even got to be there until it was time for him to get to school.

After Jacob's class ran the Fun Run, we went home for an hour. We then returned to school to watch Abbie! As all the 5th graders ran around the track, Abbie was able to run with her friends Hannah and Sarah, both of whom are in other classes this year. Abbie was her silly self, but toward the end really poured it on to try to reach the goal of 35 laps. She finished with 32 laps completed... a total of two miles! We were glad to be able to be there to support her. Her 5th grade class earned over $1400 for the school, too!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

WOW, now that's a lot of running! Good for Jacob and Abby!!!

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