Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all!

I love fall! I am enjoying the cooler weather, the leaves starting to turn colors, and the crisp nights. Last week I was itching to put up some fall decor to celebrate this glorious transition. I have two garlands of fake fall leaves... one I stuffed into a container and hung on my front door. Instant happiness!

I added the second garland to the mantle in our family room. I found some mini pumpkins at the grocery store for $.50 each to add in. And then, the most fun thing I did last week... I made the sign that is sitting on the floor! I used materials I had on hand and it came together better than I had expected. More happiness!

The pumpkin candles are lit. I am ready for fall! Have you made fall preparations, too?


dawn said...

i am very far behind in decorating this year. no fall decorations or candles up at our home yet! thanks for the reminder of how a few simple things will give a perfect touch!!

Melanie said...

Terri, I love your little sign! And the front door looks awesome! We still have our summer wreath up & Jack keeps reminding me I need to take it down & put the fall one up! I have put pumpkins around the house & 2 big ones on the front porch!

Jenny said...

Love all your decorations! I too got all mine up last week! I love fall!!

The sign you made is just beautiful!!! You did a super job!

Jessica said...

Your house looks so ready for Fall! We decorated last weekend and it makes the season feel so special even if the temps are still in the 80's!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Oh how pretty...looove your cone of leaves on you door and the sign you made...looks like FALL at your house!


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