Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Visit from Mom & Dad!

I am so excited that my parents are coming to visit next week! They will be here for two weeks, two days. They are coming to North Carolina all the way from Arizona. I usually get to see my mom twice a year when she visits it is a real treat!

So then I realized that I had never posted about Gil's parents visit in August. We hadn't seen them for quite some time, so it was especially nice to have them here. They were able to stay a week.

We took them to visit the Billy Graham Library, a must-see for visitors to Charlotte!

The kids loved having their grandparents around! They got to go out to the movies, out to eat, and just hang out. The timing was perfect, too. A week or so later, and the kids would have been back in school. Instead, they got to spend the whole week with their grandparents.

Gil's parents actually met almost 50 years ago in cosmetology school! So Grandpa was happy to give haircuts to Zac and Abbie. Abbie had been ready to donate her beautiful red hair to Locks of Love for a while, so she finally got it cut.

Zachary was also ready for his trim. He sure looks thrilled... {ah, the joys of an almost 13 year old!}

It was a wonderful visit. We so appreciated them making the trip from Southern California to visit us. I put these pages together and had them printed as 8x8 Page Prints.

I actually designed the pages as 12x12 pages, that will go into my family album. One thing I love about digital scrapbooking is that I can create something in one size and print it in another. These pages are personalized for Gil's parents, but before I had them printed for our album, I changed the wording to be more appropriate for us, rather than "to" them.
I love this sturdy PicFolio Max album... each page is a giant pocket. Traditional scrapbook pages or digital Page Prints can be slipped inside. I used an 8x8 PicFolio Max for the Page Prints I made Gil's parents. Every once in a while I can mail them additional layouts for them to simply slip into their book! I love this way to keep in touch. And I love that I could quickly send them a wonderful keepsake of their visit to North Carolina.

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Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Your digital scrapbook pages are fabulous! I scrapbook the "old-fashioned" way. Not obsessively, but just enough to satisfy my urge. :)

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