Monday, April 19, 2010

Student Ministry Family Day!

Saturday from 4-8pm we had a Family Day for the Student Ministries (middle school and high school) at our church. Pastor Dean and Pastor Jason planned a fun event!

The weather was just perfect! Warm & sunny with a breeze... it was just right. We had been on the soccer fields for Abbie's 2pm game, so we hung around after. Gil and the kids helped with set up. I was the "official" event photographer!

We had a pretty good turnout. It was very nice time of fun, food and fellowship. I really enjoyed watching Zachary play football. I just marvel at how my little boy has turned into such a wonderful young man.

Gil helped out by overseeing a soccer match. I believe it was all the kids against him! He had fun, though.

We ate hamburgers and hot dogs, chips, cookies, and sides. I really enjoyed the time I had to chat with several friends.

The 7th grade boys just won an attendance challenge, so they had the chance to claim their prize: shaving Pastor Dean's head! All of them got in on the action with a crowd looking on.

Dean's wife Kellie wasn't too sure about the process and was a little worried about the end result! She was a good sport, though.

Abbie had found friends to hang out with, so we barely saw her all day! I ended up taking over 270 photos! When I got home, I pulled about 55 of them into a slideshow for the middle school group. These pictures are a few from those. Overall, it was really fun, relaxing afternoon. We left as the sun was going down, tired and happy.

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Melanie said...

Looks like it was SUCH a fantastic day! I bet your slide show was amazing, I love all of the photos you shared here!

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