Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Things

I have been tagged by two people -- make that four now (that's how long it is taking me to write this thing!) -- on FaceBook to write a list of 25 Random Things about myself. So I thought I would post it to my blog, too! Let's see if I can come up with 25 things....

1. I love to make lists! They are mostly To Do lists... and I like to save them so I can see all I have accomplished. I have found that a (pretty) spiral binder is the best place for my lists, otherwise post-it notes would overtake my life! I put all my lists there and then don't lose them. I can keep track of project ideas, meeting notes... everything all in one place. And, if I am glancing through and see something not checked off, even if it is from weeks ago, or last year, but I have since completed it, I check it off! It really is rewarding to see that I do accomplish most of what I write down... eventually.

2. I love to go to the grocery store. Alone. I have always told Gil that when I go grocery shopping, I am going to work. Kids are best left at home! I go armed with my list (of course!), coupon file, and calculator. I like to come home and show off all the bargains I scored. It is like a sport to me... seeing how much money I can save, and how little I can spend. Oh yeah.

3. I am a home body. I am happiest at home, and can always find plenty to do. I am perfectly content with a day, or string of days where I can stay home and never leave the house. Visitors are nice, too.

4. My closest friends are in Colorado. And I miss them a lot.

5. I love living in Charlotte!!! I am so happy that the Lord brought us to such a pretty place. We know many wonderful people here, and attend a church that truly feels like home.

6. Gil and I have moved 10 times in our almost-13 years of marriage.

7. I am having a very difficult time thinking of things to put on this list......

8. I could never figure out what I wanted to study in college because I liked every subject in school! I ended up majoring in Liberal Studies, with a minor in Administrative Management. Then I got an MBA with an emphasis in Educational Training and Technology.

9. I have never lived in any one house for longer than 3.5 years.

10. Each of my children has been born on a Saturday.

11. I am a tea drinker. I used to drink two cups of coffee a day. But about 4 years ago I decided I had to give up the cream and sugar. Since I could never get used to the taste of black coffee, I had to give up coffee, too. Fortunately I have always enjoyed teas of all types.

12. I am a chronic insomniac. Although I have found that taking calcium supplements has helped a lot in that area. If I find myself awake in the middle of the night, unable to go back to sleep, I figure the Lord must have something to tell me. I spend time reading my Bible and praying... it is usually a very meaningful and productive. And sometimes, I use the time to catch up with my recordings on the dvr.

13. I am a project person.... I would rather turn something into a project than do the same little task over and over again each day. For instance, rather than opening up various vitamin and supplement bottles everyday, I sort them all out into mini-muffin tins. I then put my daily dose into little baggies. I sort vitamins once every 3 weeks... rather than dealing with all the bottles every day. Likewise with making a salad. I never could stand to clean lettuce every time I wanted salad. So I rarely made salad. Now, I get 6 heads of romaine at Costco in a big bag. I rinse it, put it in a big bowl of water on the counter for a while, then drain, spin, and put it in gallon zipper bags. My lettuce is always crisp, clean, & ready! And I can have a salad every day, or twice a day if I want.

14. I used to love, love, love to drive. Then I went through a period of about 7 years where I was not comfortable driving at all. Not comfortable to the point of almost having panic attacks on the freeway. Not good. Two years ago I spent 4 hours a day commuting my kids back and forth to school for 6 months, and that pretty much cured it. However, if I can have someone else drive instead of me, I am more than happy to let them!

15. I would prefer to eat my own cooking than go to most restaurants.

16. People think I am creative.... I think I copy well and am adept at using technology!

17. I have always loved to read. I still love to come home from the library with a stack of books.

18. I am blessed to talk to my mom on the phone several times a week. Sometimes every day.

19. I am very shy. I am much more comfortable one-on-one with people than in large groups. I also don't know how to make small talk. But ask me a question and I could talk forever. I am actually ok with public speaking and leading groups. But I am still shy.

20. I love mail! I love to be the one who gets the mail, sorts the mail, opens the mail. I like to send mail. The little red flag in the up position on the mailbox is a happy thing to me! I like email, too.

21. I don't like to be on the phone. I have a few people with whom I spend time talking on the phone. But other than that, I do not enjoy making calls, or talking on the phone much. I have lots of extra cell minutes each month.

22. I am envious of other people's cameras! Since I work quite a bit with photos, I love good photography. And I would love to have a tricked-out camera, too.

23. Red shoes make me happy. It is one of my rules in life that I have to own at least one pair of red shoes. They lift my spirits if I am having a down day, or help me to celebrate the good day I am having. I just love red shoes! (Bows are a bonus.)

24. I am so blessed by and grateful for my family. My husband is a wonderful, wonderful man. Our children are bright, loving, and adorable. I am so thankful for the life we have together. They are my heart's desire.

25. I have not had an easy life. I did a lot on my own to mess it up. But when I was about 30, I met Jesus Christ and gladly turned my life completely over to Him. I used to be such a control freak... I am sure people see some of those tendencies in me now... but now I am happy to give the control to God. I want my life to be lived for Him, in His way, to His glory. Trials still come, but now I have hope, peace, joy and strength in the midst of them.

Now it's your turn! What are 25 Random things about you???

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Elizabeth said...

You are precious! And I MUST be like you and buy a red pair of shoes!

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