Friday, February 6, 2009


Today I took advantage of triple coupons at the grocery store! Here is a list of what I bought:

2 lbs. bacon
2 boxes cereal
3 boxes pasta
8 lbs. potatoes
3 toothpaste
1 antiperspirant
1 brownie mix
2 bags chips
24 oz. sour cream
2 jars mustard
1 bottle hot sauce
1 large grape jelly
Without any coupons, or anything being on sale, according to my receipt the total would have been over $75. My goal is to never pay full price. I also try to use a coupon only on something that is also on sale. For the triple coupon days, I stock up on coupons worth $.99 or less (since that is all our store will triple), preferably for single items. I check out the ad before I get to the store and figure out what I have coupons for. I also make note of the coupons I have that are biggies that I can look out for... $.75 off an item becomes $2.25 off! I also love having multiple coupons for the same item. I have a friend I swap Sunday paper coupons with every week. It works out well for us!
Are you ready for my total from today's trip?

Yes! It was $10.14!!! I feel so blessed when this happens! I got a few necessities, some cereal for my husband, chips for my kids' lunches, and some extras to donate. Hmm.... I just counted 20 items. That is like getting each item for only $.50 each. I love triple coupon days!


Elizabeth said...

You totally rock womanhood! Way to go!
I need lessons!

Jenny said...

You go girl!!!! That's AWESOME!!!

Jessica said...

I love your bargining skills!

Jessica Mullen

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