Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Wow! I am finding it really hard to keep up with regular posts to my blog! I guess I thought I would have more to say... and now I find myself wondering just what to share. Today I just want to express how thankful I am for my family! I am so blessed to be Gil's wife, and the mother of Zachary, Abbie & Jacob. I pray that my love for them would be so evident in all I say and do. I want them to know how truly treasured they are.


Melanie said...

You do have a such a lovely family, praise be to God!
But, I know what you mean...once you start a blog there is all this "pressure" to keep up with the posting & a lot of days I find myself thinking, "Okay, what did I do today that was 'Blog Worthy'!"
I think you do a great job of always coming up with creative & inspiring things to blog about! Thanks!

Jenny said...

Your family is PRECIOUS and it is a true joy to know you guys!!!

Elizabeth said...

Precious womanhood!

It is such a privilege to know you! Myself and others do see your love for those precious loves of yours. Thank you for the inspiration to be thankful today!

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