Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mom's Morning Off

I have to admit, I love Saturday mornings. Today it is clear, sunny, and gorgeous! It may be cold outside, but I am snug and warm inside. I am enjoying a peaceful, quiet breakfast. Alone. And I love it!

On Saturdays, my family gets up early. Gil takes the kids to church, where they then caravan to Uptown to serve breakfast as part of the street ministry. I am very proud of my family for serving the homeless each week. The kids look forward to going, and are the ones who make sure Daddy is up in time on Saturdays. They have been doing the homeless ministry for over a year, now.

This past fall, Abbie's class went to Uptown to see a play. As they left the bus, Abbie said, "Hey, there's one of my friends!" All her classmates were wondering what in the world she was talking about. She pointed out a homeless man, told the children his name, and said, "I serve breakfast to him every Saturday with our church." My nine-year-old had the opportunity to testify about serving Christ! Precious.

I have gone with my family once to the homeless breakfast. Sometimes I do feel guilty that I don't go with them regularly. I really like that my kids have this special thing they all do with Daddy every week. Part of me doesn't want to interfere with that. And a bigger part of me really needs the alone time.

Each morning during the week, I am up at 5:45 a.m., immediately immersed in the mad dash to get lunches made, clothes on, teeth and hair brushed, breakfast eaten, backpacks filled, and kids to school on time. Sundays, we don't have to get up as early, but still, we have to all get ready for church and get out of the door on time. Saturdays are the only unhurried, quiet mornings of the week, and my opportunity to have time to myself.

As a stay-at-home mom, I should have plenty of time to myself, right? Well, until this Fall, I always had at least one child at home. For much of the past 20 months, I have also had my husband at home. That was a huge adjustment for me! From this past August until about 5 weeks ago, Gil was gone during the day and all the kids were at school. Another adjustment. For the first time ever, I had the house to myself until school got out. But, after the morning rush, I had my To Do List to attend to... it never really felt like "me" time. It was my time to get stuff done.

So I look forward to Saturday mornings, my "mom's morning off". I am the type of person who needs time alone to recharge. I love, love, love being with people, especially outgoing, positive, fun people. But I have got to have the time to myself, too. It brings me back to center, refreshes me, and makes me a better wife and mom. I don't think it is selfish, but, for me, necessary.

What do you do for yourself?

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Elizabeth said...

Greetings womanhood!

I love your new header. Is that what it is called?

I covet your "me time"! My mom is going to give me some this coming Friday and I can't wait!

have a great week!

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