Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Everyone needs a new calendar to start the New Year, right? This was a quick gift I whipped together a few days before Christmas: calendar pages for Gil & my mom!

Several years ago, I gave Gil, my mom, and my in-laws a CM PicFolio Minutes album with scrapbooked calendar layouts inside. This little 6x7 album has a great feature in that it converts to an easle album for a nice desk-top display. It holds 4x6 photos, along with a nice mat around them. I love to give it as gifts!

StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 has a really cool "Insert Calendar" feature that I played with for this project! Making the 4x6 pages for the 12 months, plus adding in additional photos to fill up the 24-page album took less than an hour! (First, I selected all the photos I might want to use from my CM Memory Manager program & with one click, easily imported them into StoryBook Creator.)

So it was no extra effort to make a different first page for Gil's calendar! I like the quote on this monument: "God forges us on an anvil of adversity for a purpose known only to Him. That is the way He prepares us for life." It kind of applies to the last few years of our life! The rest of the pages were fun to make, too.

Such a fun, fun project, don't you think???! I love that it took mere minutes to create, and that I could easily order as many sets as I wanted. In the past, I have taken a bit more time and added Bible verses to each 4x6 page, as well. This year I wasn't as organized, but it is still a fun, fast, and easy gift!
Happy New Year!!!
(PicFolio Minutes albums are available here, and in other colors, while supplies last, here.)


Melanie said...

What fantastic calendars! What a neat way to remember the good times from the previous year! By the way, I love Zachary's tiger drawing! I remember doing a "grid" drawing like that when I was in school, such a neat project! His turned out amazing though! Happy New Year!

Jenilee said...

it looks wonderful! personalized calendars are such fun things to have. :) happy new year!

Jessica said...

This is a great gift idea! I know the grandparents will enjoy seeing their sweet grandkids all year through.

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