Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One of my Simple Solutions

So, yesterday, the Nester wrote on her blog about simple solutions for everyday issues, and I posted a comment recommending one of my favorite things. I said I had a post brewing on this handy-dandy item. A little while later on facebook, she referenced my comment, asking if it really worked. By 8:30 last night her facebook post had 28 comments, and all but one were positive! So here is one of my favorite solutions around the house.

When I want to hang things on the wall, but don't want to pound a nail into nice kitchen cabinets. I use these.

They are Command Adhesives! I love these little hooks. They really are one of my favorite things. I have a collection of several kinds that I use all around the house in a variety of ways, for everything from holding up dishtowels to bath towels in the kids' bathroom, mops in the laundry room, and the calendar in the office.

These tiny hooks are great for light items. This style is not very attractive, so I used bows to hide the hook.

I wanted some extra lighting in the kitchen, so I installed a plug-in, under-cabinet light. Then I had to deal with the cord, keeping it hidden out of the way. Command Adhesive hooks to the rescue again! Here is a view of the underside of my kitchen cabinet.

Inside our coat closet door, I have hooks attached to the door at kid-height. My children can hang up their jackets all by themselves. These hooks have been up for well over a year... and they are usually holding several jackets each.

The same style of hook also holds our stockings on the mantel at Christmastime.

On top of my mantel, I attach 3 hooks which hold up my garland. These are laying flat so that the garland can hang over the edge.

Command Adhesive hooks are so cool because they hold really well, yet they are totally removable. After Christmas, all the hooks are removed without any trace, and with no damage to the mantel. I saw a special about Christmas decor at the White House, and guess what they use? Yep! Command Adhesive hooks.

The hook part slides off to reveal the holder and adhesive strip. The strips adhere to many surfaces including painted wood, walls, cabinets, doors, even wallpaper. When it is time to remove the hook, simply pull straight down on the adhesive strip and it will stretch into a long piece until it isn't attached to the wall anymore. I recommend holding the plastic piece with one hand as you pull the strip with the other. I have had the plastic snap free, against my hand, and it doesn't feel good! Other than that, I have had great success with these for years.

We have moved quite a lot, so I don't like to invest in a lot of hardware. I don't mind investing in my Command hooks, though! See, I have this little collection. When we move, I go around the house removing them all, taking them with me.

All the hooks come with extra adhesive strips so you can use them more than once. Not only can you buy hooks in various sizes, but you can buy extra adhesive strips in several sizes, as well. I have used my hooks over and over and over again!
Command Adhesives work for me! I am linking up with Kristen at We are That Family for Works For Me Wednesday.
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Rachel R. said...

Yay! I'm so glad to hear that you have used them successfully for coats, because this is exactly what I have been needing to pick some up for, and hoping they would work.

Where do you find them? I mean, I know Wal-Mart has them, but I can't figure out where in the store to look.

The Nester said...


I am SO buying some of these on my next trip to Target--and putting them on the inside of the closet doors!

I'm so glad you wrote this post!!!! Yippie command hooks!

Terri said...

You can find these hooks at Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc. I have seen them in the office supply section, as well as in the hardware area. I am glad I have inspired! Blessings!

Rachel R. said...

Hardware! That didn't even occur to me - duh. I will have to look again. :)

Melanie said...

Terri, you have such wonderful ideas! I meant to tell you tonight at church how excited I am to try the Command Adhesive hooks! I am a hook junkie...I think pretty much everywhere in the house should have closets, bathroom doors, etc...but I have always purchased the kind you have to drill in...I can't wait to give these a try!

dawn said...

i agree with you ~ i love love these command adhesives. recently, i just hung a bow holder (wooden plaque with steamers of ribbon, attach the bows!) on the girls' closet door with the command adhesives, i didn't use a hook because there was nothing to "hang", but i used the kind that stuck to the back and then directly to the wall - it works perfectly!!!

gina said...

I wanted to try them for Christmas but thought they were pretty pricey for a one shot deal- now that I know you can reuse them I'm definitely going to give them a try- thanks!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

very awesome!! love this idea!!

Anonymous said...

These are such a great idea. I have used them before a long time ago. I am moving to a temporary place for about a year and was thinking about how am I going to hang stuff up. This is a great idea.

Thank you for all your ideas!.. Love your little motivational plaques also:-)

Laura said...

I use them in the shower to hold my daughters shower puffs. They are fantastic! No more puffs hanging on the faucet handle or shower head and they aren't tossed on the floor of the tub either. Works like a charm. :) They've been up for months and the water isn't affecting their stickiness at all!!

frequentlyshe said...

I've used the tiny clear hooks for years for displaying Christmas cards. I string very thin tinsel between them & drape the cards over. Since they are clear & so small, I leave them in place all year. Despite using these little ones it hadn't occurred to me that I could be using the sturdier hooks to solve an outstanding decorating problem. After 8 years in this house I still don't have all my photos hung where I want because I hate drilling into brick to insert hooks so have only used the hooks left behind by the previous owners. Thank you for pointing out a simple solution.

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