Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Honey!!!

My sweet husband had a birthday this week! Last year we had a party... but this year we didn't really make any plans. I tried to find out what kind of cake Gil wanted, but he didn't have much input for me. He also had to work on his birthday.

While he was at work, I had fun making him some cupcakes! I am not any kind of expert when it comes to cake decorating, but sometimes I do like to pull out my supplies and play. And, I admit, I baked what sounded good to me: Almond Poundcake for the cupcakes, with Almond-flavored Cream Cheese icing! By the time I was ready to frost them, Abbie was home from school, so she picked the color.

Gil's birthday was on a Wednesday, which is our night to go to church. Gil and I attend an awesome Bible study, Abbie & Jacob go to Awana, and Zac goes to the youth service. Wednesday evenings can be a bit of a rush, trying to get dinner, get out of the house, and be at church by 6:15. But, since it was a special occasion, we decided that we would go out to eat to celebrate Gil!!!

We combed through our coupons and chose Qdoba, a fast-casual Mexican place which is also on the way to church. By the time Gil got there, we were settled at a table, our food in front of us, with cute cupcakes to greet him! We so very, very rarely go out to eat, so this was a treat for all of us. {Dinner for five of us was under $13!}

Gil is a wonderful, wonderful husband and an awesome father. He is dedicated to improving our marriage and living a godly life. I love him and respect him SO much! I am extremely thankful to the Lord that He blessed me with Gil!!!


Celia Jimenez said...

Happy Birthday, Gil!!! Those cupcakes look so super yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

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