Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Valentines!

Happy Valentine's Day! Friday, the kids took their Valentines to school to pass out. I used my cute, new Love Struck Maker to edge the paper bags they took for their exchange. It looked so cute on my kids' bags, that I used it to decorate this little bag of freshly baked brownies. I went to help my sweet friend Melanie pack for her upcoming move and thought chocolate was essential to the process!

This morning I get to teach Sunday School. I trade off Sundays with another sweet friend, Jenny, and today is my turn to teach our first graders. I made these cards up to give to our group. It hope they know how much we care for them! {It's also Jenny's birthday today. Happy Birthday, Jenny!!!}

But my this was my favorite Valentine of all! Why make just a card, when you can make a 12x12 scrapbook page!


Melanie said...

Terri, I am still BEYOND grateful for your help packing AND for those delicious brownies! I have been enjoying them (yes, "I"...they are my little secret from the kids!) So glad you got to attend your conference! Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

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Jenny said...

Terri-----Those card for S.S. were so sweet!!! Thanks for including me. I love them. I'm so glad you got to attend your conference. I know you were so.....looking forward to going. Happy Monday!

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